Publisher Opus Operis releases a new book: “Offshore Companies – How to Register Tax-Free Companies in High-tax Countries” by Michael Magnusson, the author of the international bestseller “The Land without a Banking Law – How to Start a Bank with a Thousand Dollars(more…)


New Zealand is generally perceived as a high tax country and consequently has not been a target in the international campaign against offshore tax havens. However, New Zealand offers secretive zero tax structures for offshore activities and perhaps even more remarkable, the legal framework allows for virtually anyone to start a bank without being subject to any capital or qualification requirements. (more…)


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The Financial Service Provider Register (FSPR) has registered 7,900 Financial Service Providers (FSPs) since the opening of the Register in August 2010. Any person or entity offering financial services in or from New Zealand must be registered in the FSPR. (more…)