Panama Securities Law by Carl Michael Magnusson.

The Panamanian Securities Commission allows brokers, investment advisors and others to take the licensing exams in English, but the Securities Act has up until now been available in Spanish only.

This is an English Translation of the Panamanian Securities Act whereby the National Securities Commission was created and the securities market is regulated in Panama. The law regulates investment advisors, brokers, administrators, custodians, public and private investment funds and investment companies. Including the following amendments: Public Law Nº 42 of October 2, 2000 Public Law Nº 29 of July 3, 2001 Public Law Nº 11 of January 30, 2002 Public Law Nº 45 of June 4, 2003 Public Law Nº 6 of February 2, 2005

Paperback: 174 pages

By Carl Michael Magnusson

ISBN-10: 1484163230

ISBN-13: 978-1484163238

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